Successful, meaningful, treatment always begins with a comprehensive assessment, which includes a thorough understanding of the patient’s experience and objective, functional information. Beverlee C. Melamed has extensive experience in the completion of comprehensive Future Cost of Care Needs reports for Life Care Planning.

We strive to provide the highest quality care to all of our clients:

  • Occupational Therapy Assessments (In-home, Vocational, Attendant Care)

  • Future Cost of Care Needs Reports for Life Care Planning.

  • MVA Injury Assessment and Treatment

  • In-Home Assessment

  • Assistive Devices and Equipment Assessment

  • Form 1 Attendant Care Assessment

  • Ergonomic Assessment

  • Future Cost of Care Assessment

  • Gross Motor Skills Assessment

  • Fine Motor Skills Assessment

  • Hand Writing Assessment

  • Computer Skills Assessment

  • Vocational Assessment

Treatment Planning 

The treatment program is tailored to the individual client’s needs and can include education, pacing strategies, goal setting, job coaching and return to work support. The focus of these services is to enable people to lead productive, independent, and satisfying lives by providing them with strategies to assist them in self-care activities such as dressing, eating, and shopping as well as activities that allow them to work productively or enjoy personal free time.

Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation Coaching 

We Specialize in treatment of individuals who have sustained injuries following motor vehicle accidents, or whose abilities are impacted by disability or illness.


  • Occupational Therapy Services

  • Hospital to Home Discharge Planning

  • Rehabilitation Support Services

  • Rehabilitation Coaching (Physical fitness, work hardening, computer training)

  • HCAI Treatment Plan Submissions

Innovative Rehabilitation 

In addition to providing services in Occupational Therapy, Case Management and Rehab Coaching, we develop and provide innovative, client/family-centered programs that are meaningful and functional, and that “fit” with the client’s goals and needs. All of our programs are client/family centered with as community base and a strong self-advocacy approach.


Some of the innovative programs we have developed are listed below:

  • Nature Camps

  • Fine motor skills development through art

  • E-Rehab

  • School Advocacy

  • Computer Training Programs

  • Brain Fitness Programs

  • AquaTherapy Programs

  • Physical Training Programs

  • Group Yoga Program

  • Vocational Re-Training / Work Hardening Programs


The Company has a modest scholarship program and promotes opportunities for clients to celebrate their successes through individual exhibits and projects, as is part of the philosophy in creating meaningful rehabilitation, specific to each client.

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